Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 03-05-1831

Summary: Concerning a land grant. Danger in the political situation.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex ]

Saltillo March 5. 1831

Dr Sir.

I recd nothing from you or anyone from Texas by the last mail your last letter Jany. 25. I am really uneasy that I got nothing by the last mail. I wrote you on the 19 of last month a long letter, also to Luke [Lesassier] and Rhoads Fisher and Hunter, which I hope you have recd. My principal object here is to try and prevent harm—if I succeed in that I shall do a great deal—this you can say to the Ayto. to whom I intended to have written by this mail, but will write a long letter by next [mail].

[I have] sent some papers to Dn Ramon [with the] request to send them to you, they [v]omit -fire against the present administration. The death of Guerrero appears to have given new vigor, and a vindictive rage to the fallen party. Bustamte can truly say, as Calvits negro did the night his drunken master shot him "I have taken my head in my hand" But, how many storms have passed away with a simple válgame Dios. Thank God Texas is beyond the reach of these internal hurricanes and I hope they never will reach there, tho this depends mainly on the people of that country. Keep harmony and Union among yourselves—and all is safe.

Private—I wrote by last mail that your petition was granted— since then I have recd the testimonio and will send it and all the others by Fernando Rodrigues who starts in a few days for Bexar.

The power of attorney is effected in union with myself—the lower line is ten leagues from the West—the upper on the heads of the Brazos and Colorado: I wish the [B]oss [Teran?], to take a part in this—if he will, all is safe. I am operating on a pritty large scale, for a taciturn and noisless man, but I have no other object in view that [than] the genl prosperity of us all and particularly of this nation and government. Keep all this to yourself: The fate of Texas, in some respects depends on the month of May next—untill then look back and take council from the past a[nd keep] all quiet— you can shew [parts of?] the letter to Luke if you think prop[er but] to no one else and he must not mention or breathe it to anyone.

Remember me affectionately to Sarah and Eliza and my little nephew and write me how Stephen is, you say nothing of him—I presume he is still at Westalls. Send the enclosed by first opportunity.

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

Tell Mancha [that] her son is well and * * *

[Addressed:] Sam M. Williams