Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 04-18-1831

Summary: Governor hostile to Bill against foreigners engaging in retail trade asleep.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

April 18. 1831

I have drawn on you this day for one hundred dollars in favor of Mr. Joseph Powel, who let me have that amt. here. I think I can get along with this. I should not have wanted any but I have agreed to pay the office charges on the petitions that are pending from all Texas, which will amt. to upwards of 200 dollars I expect.

The present governor has carefully separated from the petitions all who are not native Mexicans, and will reject them all, he hates all foreigners as he does the devil and he must hate the old boy mortally for he is a fanatic en extremo.

Arciniega can safely go on and issue the titles, that had the restriction, there will be no difficulty altho no definite or satisfactory answer could be had from the Govr. As a genl, rule you must tell Arciniega never to consult on any subject, unless he wishes to get himself and everybody else into trouble.

I have done all I could for Madero, which is as much as to say that I have effected nothing, for this Govr. thinks that Madero is a heretic and the more he suffers the better, as it will only be a taste of hell in advance. At Matamoros I may [do] something and will attend to it. Inform Madero of this, or if as I presume from a hint I saw in one of your letters that you and Madero and his Comitiva are at cross questions because a paper was sent through another hand than yours, you can get Arciniega to communicate.

There is nothing new here since my last which was on the 16th— the retail bill is asleep and I think it probably will so remain. The pasquinades that were put up against Aguirre have not had the effect which the shop gentry expected, and I think the matter will not be moved again.

I send Johnson two seals, such as are used in this place.

S F Austin [Rubric]

I paid forty dollars on the grants which I sent by Rodriguez which you must collect

[Addressed:] Mr. Samuel M. Williams San Felipe de Austin Mr. Powel