Henry Austin to Stephen F Austin, 11-15-1831

Summary: Gen. John T. Mason and the Hawkins estate. Mrs. Hoiley's plans to settle in Texas.

Bolivar 15. Novr 1831

My dear Sir

My last advices of Mr Mason left him at Louisvill waiting for the sickly season to pass away— Mrs. Holley now informs me that he had taken passage in the Spica, giving out that he was coming here to settle the Hawkins business with you After embarking, a letter was shown him from young Hawkins stating that you were packing up for MexicoMrs. H told him she had letters from you and myself both stating the time of your departure to be 1 December, He thought Hawkins account to be more to be relied upon and as his sole business in Texas was to see you, wisely left the Spica and embarked for Vera Cruz to meet you in Mexico He is not the Mason who was in Mexico with Poinset never was in Mexico and does not speak Spanish, so you can judge of the probable result of his mission at all events the affair is hung up as relates to us for the present—

Mrs Holleys friends would not consent to her leaving them until spring— her purpose therefore is to return and compleat her engagement and as she loses 100$ pr month during her absence is impatient to return yet is unwilling to do so without visiting St. Filipe and seeing you— She is now here and I would hazard the journey with her on horseback but for the expectation of the immediate arrival of My Family— They left N York in the Nelson to sail 20th of last month, I shall go to Brazoria tomorrow and will endeavour to induce John to take her and his wife in Walters Carriage as he proposed when I was last there, if that fails I will try to get Mr Perry who I expect here tomorrow to let me have his Carriage for the purpose— She has brought money to build her house and stock her farm 900$ and appears decided to vest all her interests in the colony, I shall however vest her funds in cows and calves for the present If you think it propper to admit her location and give her a passport of absence to settle her affairs. She will without doubt return in time and occupy her land altho some what alarmed at the occupations of Phelps place, fearing She might be served the same way if detained by sickness of her children or other insuperable cause— she wrote you from Brazoria, but does not expect an answer whilst you continue feeble—I am glad to hear you are able to walk about the room and hope you may be speedily restord I shall come to St Felepe so soon as my family are housed—

Archebald appears decided to come out so soon as he can realise his real Estate which ought to yield 2 or 3000$—with that I am [sure] he could do better here than there

H Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Col. S F Austin St Felepe d Austin pr Dr A E Phelps