Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 11-21-1831

Summary: Suggestions for improvement of farm and home.

Novr 21. 1831

Joel intends to go and see you which gives an opportunity to write

lf Mrs Holley wishes to come up I want the Dearborn to go into Bolivar after her, and as the road is bad through the bottom by Harris I think you had better go in with it to Bolivar yourself and you can then have the iron work done, which is much needed or it well break worse— If Mrs Holley does not wish to come up she will send word out to Mrs Bradleys for the Dearborn not to come in after her—

Dr. Angier talks of going to Anahuac and perhaps you might trade your Horses to his wife for her cattle—- John Austin says that cattle are falling, and I also think they are, and that they can be had cheaper by Spring—I shall leave here in a few days for Anahuac, and from there I shall hire a boat and go direct to your place— you must then furnish me with horses to go to Bolivar and Brazoria— It probably will be two weeks before I get to your place.

In the bend on the north or upper side of Pleasant Creek close to the timber some distance up the creek from its mouth is very rich Shumac prairie and a field there would be protected from the heavy winds from the sea which sometimes whip out the corn and blow it down

I have spoken to Cap John Austin for a number of orange fig and peach trees— you must be very particular to go into Brazoria after them in February, also pomegranite— when you move down you can take peach trees as many as you want from here but get from all sides so as [to] have a greater variety— attend to this for a season lost in planting fruit trees is a great deal— from Bolivar you can get plums at Henrys

The place for the garden and orchard is on the South side of Pleasant Bayou and it ought to be broken up the first

I am in better spirits than I have been for Six months—all things are working around right

I want you to send for the Mares and horses I have at Coles as soon as you can take care of them, tho When I see you we can arrange about that Emily has a -fine fat boy and all well—

S F Austin

Sinse writing this Mrs Bradley has had an application to stay up here some time longer,

[Addressed:] Mr James F. Perry

pr. Joel