Stephen F Austin to Mary Austin Holley, 12-25-1831

Summary: Suggesting publications concerning Texas.

December 25, 1831.

Dear Cousin,

I am glad of the excuse afforded by the inclosed to say farewell once more. I beg you to take especial care to go no where but to the post office.

I think you can benefit your adopted Country by your correspondence with your numerous acquaintance. Credit, you know, is all important to a young and new house. The erroneous impression that Texas is settled by bad men must be totally done away with. I need not remind you that what is said in New Orleans soon flies through the South. It would be a good plan to have the printed copy of the Colonization law published with the translated copy and both will be perpetuated, and can be compared side, by side.

May you have a safe and pleasant voyage. The next year—how much happiness—or how much bitter disappointment—it may bring—, for I hope then we shall all be quietly and happily settled.