Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 02-10-1832

Summary: Santa Ana leading revolution in Mexico. Hopes to keep peace in Texas.

Feb. 10 1832.

Dr. Brother

I saw a man the other day at Harrisburgh who told me that there were two horses between Dickinsons Creek and Clear Creek one a roan, they are represented to be gentle American horses— have you found all yours or has any one in your neighborhood lost any horses—if so let them know of these two—

I hope you have not neglected to send to Brazoria for the peach and figs and orange trees and to H Austin's for the grapes and plums—after this month it will be too late to set them out.

Genl. Santana has taken up arms against the present administration of the general government and has possession of Vera Cruz and the castle there. So far as I can judge by the Mexican papers, that part of the nation is in a state of civil war— I wish if possible to keep peace in Texas, and think that Fisher will be removed from office in a few days and also that the guard at the mouth of the river will be ordered not to interfere with any vessels or perhaps it will be withdrawn entirely. I think the latter most probable.

We are all well.

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Mr. James F. Perry Chocolate Bayou