Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 06-30-1832

Summary: Texan affairs moving satisfactorily in Mexico.

Matamoras June 20 [1832]

Dr Brother and Sister,

I wrote you a few days since by Mr. Evans, and now drop a line by an express going direct to Brazoria.

I left Austin in Saltillo studying Spanish in which I think he will make considerable progress by next fall.

I have had a very hard and hot trip—the country is all parched up—in many places between here and Tampico it has not rained in 8 months.—

Our Texas affairs are getting on very well in this quarter, but I hear there is some trouble at Anahuac, I hope nothing serious and that peace and harmony will prevail in the colony.— You, of course have nothing to do with these matters but I wish you to write me a little news, also how you like your place, and how you are getting on—what is your prospect for a Crop and how the Stock thrive etc.

Remember me affly. to all the children. I leave in a few days for Saltillo where I shall expect to hear from you.

Farewell—remember me to your neighbors.

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Al Snr. James F. Perry Brazoria Care of John Austin.