Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 06-29-1832

Summary: Revolution.

Matamoros June 29 1832

Dr Brother and Sister

I heard from Austin yesterday by a man from Saltillo in seven days— he was very well. I leave in few [days] for there. We have had a revolution here, or rather a change of garrisons and of officers. The Govt, troops very quietly marched off at one end of the town, and Col. Mexia with 300 marched in at the other end— he is of the Santana party, or rather of the true democratic federal republican, party at the head of which is Genl. Santana. That party will tryumph all over the nation as it ought to do.

Have you been to look at Peach point yet, take Emily there and see Westalls family and McMels and Munsons etc etc also to Calvits and Whartons. Mrs. Wharton is a fine woman. Emily will be pleased with her. farewell

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

J. F. Perry