Stephen F Austin to Jose Antonio Mexia, 07-09-1832

Summary: Will accompany Mexia to Texas. Convinced that the colonists have no designs on the integrity of Mexican territory, but that they are resisting unconstitutional acts of the military.

I have received your communication of the 8th inst. accompanying a letter of Colonel Guerra of the 7th also a copy of the articles of agreement, entered into between that officer and yourself on the 6th.

You are pleased to say to me in your communication that you and Colonel Guerra agree that I ought to accompany you in your expedition to Texas, in order to contribute by my influence in the colonies to calm the passions of the people unhappily aroused there, In answer, I have the honor to say that I am ready to accompany you and anxious to contribute with all my power to the service of my adopted Country. At the same time I would observe that I am convinced that the Colonists of Texas have no views opposed to the integrity of the Mexican Government. The disturbances there were in consequence of the arbitrary conduct of the Officers of the General Government and excesses committed against the Constitution and rights of the State of Coahuila and Texas, and had no other cause, How ever I believe that my presence in Texas is necessary to calm the irritation and to restore harmony.

I avail myself of this occasion to present to you the assurances of my respect and consideration

God and Liberty

Stephen F. Austin

Matamoras July 9th 1832