Jose Antonio Mexia to John Austin, 07-16-1832

Summary: Informing Austin of the object of his expedition. Will unite with Texans if their object is to support the Santa Anna movement. Austin replies with accout of Bradburn's military aggressions. Citizens are upholding the constitution and laws and cooperating with Santa Anna.

[Translation, by Austin, of Col. Mexias letter to the Alcalde John Austin letter and reply]

I have the honor to enclose you a copy of the convention entered into between the Commandant in chief of Matamoros and myself on the 6 of the present month. This document will inform you of the motives which brought me to Texas, and what would have been my course had the late movements here been directed against the integrity of the national territory.

But if, as I have been assured by respectable citizens, the past occurrances were on account of the colonists having adhered to the plan of vera Cruz, and I am officially informed of that fact in an unequivocal manner, you can in that case assure the inhabitants that I will unite with them to accomplish their wishes, and that the forces under my command will protect their adhesion to said place.

This occasion affords me the opportunity of presenting to you the assurances of my consideration and respect—

God and Liberty off the mouth of the Brazos river on board the brig of war Genl Santana.

José Antonio Mexia.

To Citizen John Austin Alcalde [of Brazoria]

16 July 1832