Stephen F Austin to James F. Perry, 11-04-1832

Summary: Instructions for locating land

Nov. 4. 1832

Dr Brother.

After much perplexity I have finally closed the division of the Peach point tract, and take the lower half, you will therefore chuse your situation below the division line which Borden will run. I shall divide the point into two tracts and you will take the upper one adjoining to the division line—that is next below the division line—you will lay off your tract in the following manner— Run two thousand varas from the division line down the point and then run to Jones Creek paralel with the division line and up Jones Creek to said line. This gives you 2000 varas front on the Prarie, and the same on the creek, and it will leave me a situation below you at the point—this arrangement is final.

There are so many disposed to make trouble and intermeddle, that there is but one way to do in this country to avoid trouble, which is to let no one know any thing about your affairs and never say one Westword to any one, about them—and particularly, say nothing to all or any of your neighbors—they do not harmonize amongst each other, and are jealous of each other and of every thing. Borden will run off your tract so that I can make the deed. I heard yesterday from Emily, they were all well.

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr James F. Perry