Stephen F Austin to Emily M Perry, 11-05-1832

Summary: Settlement with Hawkins estate. Cheerful confidence in progress of Texas.

Brazoria Nov. 5. 1832

Dr Sister,

I believe I have nearly got through the troublesome business of settling my affairs with the Hawkins estate and I have in this settlement given up at least one fourth of what I was entitled to, in order to have it finally finished and off my mind.

Mr Perry is going on very well and will soon have some cabbins up, I have a situation joining him so that after a while we will be near together, within half a mile, and I hope shall yet enjoy some peace in each others society—it distracts me to see you unhappy—everything has turned out differently from what I expected when I first wrote to Perry to move, the prospects were then very good and the country in peace, but if you were satisfied I should not be at all discouraged at the present state of things—this country must prosper in the end, it cannot be otherwise-—this year has been bad—unusually wet, and filled with trouble, but next year will be much better—this world is all trouble, or not so bad, just as we chuse to make it—content is everything.