Stephen F Austin to James F. Perry, 11-17-1832

Summary: Intends going to United States in April. Man hung for murdering negro.

Dr Brother.

A Mr Oddy, a very respectable man of family, wishes to rent or buy the house and lots where Chrisman lives—he wants possession the first of Janry. I have told him he could have it or rent provided you had not promised it, and I knew of no promise—send your terms to Fletcher without any delay, as Oddy wishes to become a certainty-—I do not know if he has money to pay for it—what do you rate it at—or do you wish to sell—write to Fletcher what to do.

No news of any importance, I think I can arrange my affairs to go to the U. S. in april

Novr. 17 1832

S. F. Austin

Man hung yesterday for murdering a negro