Stephen F Austin to Committee at Convention, Date Unknown

Summary: Outline of address to convention by Austin.


1—A short general view of the political situation of the whole Mexican republic in November last—all in revolution and so disorganized that it was not known in Texas whether any legitimate government existed. Also a view of its present situation so far as is known and the tryumph of the liberal party by the success of Santa Anna and the pacification under the plan of Zavaleta.

2—A short view of the situation of Texas at that time owing to the revolution in Mexico and the danger of falling into anarchy for the want of adequate local govt, and the consequent necessity of doing something to preserve the public peace and order.

3—Its present situation as to the administration of justice and all the departments of the local government. The distance from the present seat of government its disimilarity from Coahuila in climate productions, situation, etc, etc.

4—A general recapitulation shewing the necessity of a State government to protect the rights of the natives, as well as those of the people of Texas.

5—As to the manner of applying for admission as a state of the Mexican confederation—quote the law of 7th May 1824, as the basis of the right to petition for a state government and conclude with the opinion that such a petition should be made accompanied with the project of a constitution to be drawn up in strict conformity in the national constitution—etc, etc.

[Stephen F. Austin]