Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 05-31-1833

Summary: Reporting conditions of his journey. George Fisher returning to Texas as tariff officer. Instructions concerning land at foot of the mountains

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

Matamoros May 31. 1833

Dr Sir, I have unexpectedly met with a passage to Vera Cruz and sail tomorrow—the trip by land would have been severe on me at this hot season and I am rather weak from a dysentery—tho it is getting better. I refer you to my letter to the Ayto. as to news etc.—all goes well here now, but a darker squall than seemed to be gathering when I arrived, I have not seen lately. The prospects are all changed and they now are bright. Fisher is reappointed and goes on soon with only a few troops. I expect he will go by land through San Felipe, and I particularly recommend that the past be forgotten—he is an officer of the Govt, and he will now get on very well and be usefull to Texas—of this I have no doubt.

I hope you will have the office business attended to and the surveys regulated and all other matters—also the title for the tract that Brown Surveyed at the foot of the mountains east side of Colorado—both the ones on the other side can be taken by Valle or not just as you please.

Write me to Mexico, care of Wm. S. Parrott so that he can take out the letters and keep them untill I arrive.

remember me to Mrs. Williams

S. F. Austin

Mr S. M. Williams San Felipe de Austin Mr. Brown