Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 08-28-1833

Summary: "All is melancholy with death and civil war." Government hopes to dam Americans out of Texas by immigration of Poles and Germans—"as well try to dam the Mississippi with straw."

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

Mexico Augt. 28. 1833

Dr Sir.

I fear that your detention in mobile will do some harm—you know that in October the time expires for locating grants—have all that attended to and take care not to forget Padillas. I have three leagues out of his which I do not wish to loose—also attend to my title for the balance of my premium land.

The cholera is abating but there has been no session of congress since the 14 and it is expected there will [be] no business done until next month. It is said that upwards of 16.000 have died.

The revolution is not yet ended. Arista has possession of Guanajuato and there are a variety of reports about the progress of the Crusade party, but I do not think they can succeed. The civil war may probably be protracted sometime.

I can say nothing definite as to Texas matters—they are all before congress but when there will be a session I know not—neither is there any certainty at all, what congress will do as to Texas. I have strong doubts on the subject.

Tadeo Ortiz has been sent to the U. S. by Government on some misterious mission, but what it is I cannot tell—some say it is to take Poles, or Germans or somebody else to Texas to dam out the north americans—stop the mississippi river with a dam of straw—he told me he would be in Texas in Novr. and I think he is friendly to the people there and liberal in his ideas etc nothing of much interest has transpired since my last—all is suspended by the cholera—all is melancholy with death and civil war. I am better but debilitated


Do not neglect the tract that Brown surveyed east of colorado foot of mountains—one of H. Austins is not yet located. Close all up as fast as possible—no one can tell what is ahead.