Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 09-11-1833

Summary: Reforms. Cholera. Land.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

Septr. 11 1833

I have nothing important to say, more than what I have said in my letters by last mail, except that my opinion is strengthened since then, that the 6 of april law will be repealed in ten days after congress meets. It is expected there will be a meeting next monday (this is Wednesday). In fact I now have very little, or rather no doubts at all on this question. The mails and the reduction of duties will also be done, and the State matter will be sent to the other States in a favourable shape to be speedily and favourably dispatched—so say the most influencial men in congress and in the Govt. The revolution is not over and God knows when it will be—I fear not very soon—tho something decissive must take place shortly for the two armies are in the field again and near each other. The cholera is nearly over—20.000 dead in this city as is said I think about 18000—it was horrible. Don't forget that October is the limit for locating grants—remember Padilla and H. Austin and Victor Blanco and collect my dues, give the notes to Perry

S. F. A.

Al sor Dr Samuel M. Williams administrador de correos en Austin