Stephen F. Austin to Samuel M. Williams, 01-21-1835

Summary: Expects to leave in, two or three weeks. Wants to remain only a short time in Texas

Mexico Jany 21, 1835

S M Williams

Dr Sir,

I am told (but know not if truly) that the three claims I bought in Saltillo in 1833 [1832] have been sold again several times by the original grantee, since he sold them to me I apprise you of this that proper care may be taken to prevent being cheated by such bad faith and unprincipled conduct.

I hope to leave here in two or three weeks and to meet you in Monclova I shall try to get there by the 1 of March Austin's business is not yet finished but he expects it will be in ten or twelve days so that he can leave— he stands well with the present administration and men now in power and also with the leading members of congress—but this is no time to do any thing—the politics of the day absorbe every thing and are of too much interest to permit anyone to think of other matters.

All is peace and it is believed will so remain for a while at least. If it can be done I wish to arrange my affairs so as to remain but a short time in Texas, say two months at most

[Addressed:] (Estado de Coahuila y Texas) Al Sor D. Samuel M. Williams en la villa de Austin