Henry Austin to James F. Perry, 05-05-1835

Summary: Efforts of land speculators at Monclova to prevent repeal of sales to them. Will create uneasiness in United States and check immigration. Texas jury trial unsatisfactory

Columbia 5 May 35

Dear Perry,

There is an effort making for a new fus and Wharton told me S. M Ws [Williams'] name was to one of the fire brand Circulars appended to the govs proclamation The proclamation is well enough,

It only calls upon the people to support the supremacy of the laws, But the article appended to it is, a tissue of falsehoods, got up apparently to break up Congress and prevent the repeal of the 400 league law so that they may retain their speculation

It asserts that the Genl Govt are determined to ruin Texas and desire all the N americans out of it—that they are about to seperate Texas from Coahuilla and make it a Military Commandancy, for the purpose of having it in their power to represent to the people that Texas is peopled with foreigners and that then the English will in consideration of commercial priveleges help them to conquer the country etc Calls upon the people to take arms at once for self preservation etc now this is all stuff Stephens last letter gives the lie to all of it—

Gray the printer has got a copy and as usual it will come out in the next paper— It will be a dead stopper to immigration and Sales of land and throw us back 2 years at least.

In this view of the subject I think the publication of those parts of Stephens letter which I marked with a pencil all important to appear in the next paper to Counteract this incendiary paper If you can get them to the press this week even at some trouble and expense I beg you will do so if you view the subject as I do

Cordially your friend

who sends many afft expressions to cousin Emilly

Henry Austin

PS In the flour case today the Jury of Talis men pickd up in Columbia, Were charged by the Judge that he considered the evidence of the Patroon of the boat equivalent to a bill of lading

That Jury found the fact that Hall took the flour to his own use But as Mr Davis swore that at the request of Hall he had charged a bbl of flour delivd Jamieson on Captn A['s] order to him Hall plaintif had recd no Damage and must pay the costs

God save the people from a Texas Jury Had the yeomanry been at their post this would not have occurred, It has determined me to put my household Gods in a place of safety off hand, in the dark vale

[Addressed:] Jas. F. Perry Esqr Peach Point With Speede