Stephen F Austin to James F. Perry, 07-13-1835

Summary: Leaving next week by Vera Cruz or Tampico. Tranquillity in Mexico.

Mexico July 13 1835

Dear Brother,

I expect to leave here for home this week by way of Vera Cruz or Tampico unless I meet with company going by land in which event I would go that way, as the fever is generally bad on the coast and in New Orleans so late in the summer.

Everything is tranquil in this part of the country— Congress is to meet in extra session on the 19 of this month— There seems to be no doubt that the system of Govt will be changed from federal to central, tho it probably will be some months before the new constitution can be framed and published

There are many reports and falsehoods circulated here about Texas. I believe that the most of them originate with persons who wish the Govt to send the most of the army there, so as to leave an open field for revolution here, in the absence of the army

This has been a very hard trip upon me, but I anticipate a quiet life with you when I get home

Keep the children at school They ought to learn Spanish. it will always be usefull to them. Genl Santana is at his hacienda near Vera Cruz

S. F. Austin

[To James F. Perry]