Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 08-22-1835

Summary: Large immigration will make Texas safe. Must stand aloof from Mexican politics—nothing to expect from either party—must grow strong. The New York companies should send emigrants

[From the Williams Papers. Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas.]

New Orleans Augt 22d 1835

Since you left I have heard, by way of Natchitoches, that matters are getting on pritty well, in our country, considerable excitement tho. not more than might be reasonably expected under the circumstances of the times— Everything depends on a great emigration this fall and winter— remember this— The New York folks have much at stake, and ought to exert themselves to send out families without delay— their best plan is to send an agent, or to operate by means of influential men in the Western Country— The plan of sending out irish or german redemtioners is a bad one—it will not do— you know the kind of settlers needed in Texas— We need efficient and active and intelligent men who will take character and means to the country— Much, and perhaps all, may depend on the emigration this fall and winter

I wish to take a large interest in the bank, as I told you— This we will arrange when you return— Keep in view that that measure cannot succeed well unless many of the farmers etc in Texas are interested— Do not fail to call on Mr. Learning, and my friends in N. York, and be very prudent as to everything. The vessel goes tomorrow— remember me to White

S. F. A.

I was told confidentially to day that a letter had been written to Texas from here (I know not by whom but guess) stating that I was a blind agent of Santana's etc. The object of certain persons, as you know, is to try and make tools of the people of Texas to build up themselves— Texas ought to act on the defensive and not be the tools of either of the political parties of Mexico— She has just as much to expect from one party, as from the other, and no more from one than from the other— She must rely upon herself, and to do so, she needs strength— emigration gives us strength and everything.

S. F. A

[Addressed:] Mr. S. M. Williams Mobile Mr. Hodge