Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 09-11-1835

Summary: Asking for supplies to furnish bachelor quarters

Dr Brother,

I have commenced keeping bachellors hall at Mr. William's house, and have neither bed nor sheets nor any thing—

Perhaps you can get a few sheets cheaper in that quarter than can be had here. Try and send up the matrass I brought out—it will do for Austin— See Mrs. Williams on the subject— I wish to borrow or buy or get in any way a few of her house hold affairs—untill I can get them from else where

I wish you to send me a barrel of flour, and some sugar etc I'll say half barrel of the former and a bag of coffee— I must now arrange a business or office family to be devoted exclusively to the dispatch of business—but to do this I must have some beds and something to eat

Sept. 11, 1835

S. F. Austin

To J. F. Perry

[Addressed:] James F. Perry Peach Point Mr W. H. Jack

[Note by Perry:]

22yds. or enough for 4 sheets of Lenen if to be had

4 Bed Blankets.

1 BB C Sugar

1 Bag Coffee

2 mattresses

Col Austin said he had some claret wine at McKinney and Williams if so have it sent also