Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 09-14-1835

Summary: Elated over prospect for union and harmony. Reasons for consultation

Sept. 14. 1835

Dr Brother,

I have the pleasure to say that there is the most perfect union in this part of the country— I have never witnessed a more harmonious meeting in my life than the one at this place on the 12th— Resolutions were adopted approving in substance of those of the Columbia meeting recommending a consultation— All goes on very well—union is all that Texas needs— I have recd very favorable news from Bexar and think they will send members to the consultation—in short all Texas will go together and that makes all safe—union is all— The mode of proceding is not so material, provided union is the result, and the one that has been adopted of consultation I think will produce this result— I am regulating a place to live in for the present, so as to have room to do business and think that Austin had better remain there untill OctoberSimon has the fever, and I fear that Austin will take it, if he comes up this month

I think, as I told you when there, that one of the Whartons ought to be elected to the consultation.

Love to Emily and the children,


Enquire of Mrs. Williams where my portable writing desk is— I can not find it, also the key— I left it with her—also ask her if she knows of any of my other things

S. F. A.

[Addressed:] Mr James F. Perry Peach Point Dr Miller