Stephen F Austin to Columbia Committee, 09-21-1835

Summary: Reconciliation hopeless. Advises preparation for resistance

CIRCULAR from the committee of safety of the Jurisdiction of Austin

Information of the most important and decisive character has just been received from Bexar from unquestionable authority which in the opinion of this committee calls for the prompt attention of the people.

The substance of this information is that Genl. Cos was expected at Bexar on the 16th of this month with more troops, that he intended to make an immediate attack on the colonies, that there was a plan to try and foment divisions and discord among the people, so as to use one part against the other, and prevent preparation—and that the real object is to destroy and break up the foreign settlements in Texas— This committee have no doubt of the correctness of this information and therefore recommend—

That the people should maintain the position taken by them at their primary meetings— to insist on their rights under the federal Constitution of 1824 and law of 7th May of that year and union with the Mexican Confederation

That every district ought to organize its militia where it is not already done, and have frequent musters, and that the Captains of Companies make a return without delay to the political Chief of this Department of the force of his Company the arms and amunition, in order that he may lay the same before the general consultation of TexasVolunteer Companies are also rec ommended—

This Committe deems it to be a duty to say that in its opinion all kind of conciliatory measures with Genl. Cos and the military at Bexar are hopeless, and that nothing but ruin to Texas can be expected from any such measures— They have already and very properly been resorted to without effect.

WAR is our only resource—there is no other remedy but to defend our rights, our country and ourselves by force of arms— To do this we must be united, and in order to unite, the delegates of the people must meet in general consultation and organize a system of defense and give organization to the country so as to produce concert—

UNTILL some competent authority is established to direct all that can be done is to recommend this Committee therefore earnestly recommends this subject and advises every man in Texas to prepare for war and lay aside all hopes of conciliation.

San Felipe de Austin September 19 1835

S. F. Austin chairman of the Comm. [Rubric]

Please to send copies to Matagorda and over the country.—

Committee of Safety, Columbia