Stephen F Austin to Comittee of Safety of San Felipe, 10-11-1835

Summary: Movement of army. Asking for reinforcements


Head Quarter, West Bank on the Guadalupe

October 11, 1835

Gentlemen,—On this day the volunteer troops of Texas will take up the line of march for Bexar. The whole number of the force does not exceed three hundred men. We have hopes to be joined by a part of the detachment at Goliad, as an express has been sent to them to join us on the road. But some casualty may prevent this, as captain Collinsworth has been ordered not to abandon the fort at that place.

I have, therefore, to request that you will use every exertion to press on volunteers, who may come up with us in time to give us important, perhaps indispensable, aid in the attack of San Antonio.

Fail not to use every possible exertion in this respect, I beseech you. If there is any intelligence of troops coming up from Nacogdoches, let an express be despatched to them immediately, begging them to hurry on by forced marches to join us, and not to stay for the Tenoxtitlan cannon, or for any thing. Let me request you further to send on, without delay, wagons, with what ammunitions you can procure for cannon and small arms—powder, lead, etc., also provisions, meal, beans, sugar and coffee, and whatever else you may judge necessary for the troops. I have to inform you that Goliad was taken by captain Collinsworth on the 8th inst. with a force of fifty men.

Captains Smith and Alley marched from here previous to my arrival, with about one hundred and ten men, for Victoria, which, it was reported, had been attacked, and they have no doubt, formed a junction with captain Collinsworth. As many of this force only as can be spared, so as not to endanger the re-taking of Goliad, are expected by us; so that a reinforcement from that quarter is uncertain.

S. F. Austin, Commander-in-chief.

To the Committee of Safety, San Felipe.