Stephen F Austin to Convention, 10-28-1835

Summary: Reporting Battle of Conception

Head Quarters, Mission of Conception, 1/2 Miles From Bejar, October 28, 1835.


Sir,—I have the honor to inform you that the enemy, to the number of about three hundred cavalry and one hundred infantry, as nearly as can be ascertained, with two pieces of cannon, at sunrise this morning, attacked a detachment from the army, consisting of ninety men, under the command of colonel Bowie and captain Fanning, who were posted at this place; and after a warm engagement of three hours, were repulsed with the loss of one piece of cannon, (a six-pounder) and about thirty muskets, sixteen men left dead on the field, and, from the best accounts, nearly as many more were carried off. The number of wounded we can only conjecture, with the exception of two that remained on the field. It is with great regret I have to say, that on our side we had one man, Richard Andrews, of Mina, dangerously wounded—I fear mortally. But we have sustained no other loss, except a few horses.

The main body of the army came up, in about thirty minutes after the enemy had retired. A more circumstantial account of this action, which has resulted so gloriously to the federal army, and more particularly to the individuals immediately engaged, will be given as soon as it can be made out.

The overwhelming superiority of force, and the brilliancy of the victory gained over them, speak for themselves in terms too expressive to require from me any further eulogy

I have just learned that the cavalry of the enemy was commanded by colonel Ugartechea, and the infantry by colonel Mariano Cos, brother of the general, Martin Perfecto.

S. F. Austin