Stephen F Austin to President of Consultation, 11-03-1835

Summary: Urging dispatch of supplies, organization of regular army, and appointment of a commander of high standing and recognized military ability

Head Quarters above Bexar

In addition to my communication by Colo McCombs I have dispatched this express to urge on with all possible dispatch the battering cannon and round shot— I must again repeat that it is useless to send Cannon without round shot as well as grape or musket balls— Mr Farmer says there is considerable round shot at Anahuac and some at Harrisburgh The army will need Blankets, Shoes Coarse cloth, for pantaloons and Jackets, Socks etc

I must earnestly and pressingly urge upon the convention the absolute necessity of organizing a regular army and inviting a Military man of known and tried Talents to command it. I would suggest Genl. Carrol or Genl Ripley though it matters not who, provided he is a man of high standing, integrity, influence and known military talents— I must also urge more reenforcements.— The Army are anxiously awaiting news from the convention

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

W. D. C. Hall Adjt Genl

To the President of the Consultation of Texas

P. S. I also suggest the propriety of sending for a few Mortars and bombs and an engineer corps—in short we must have a regular army and regular officers and that without any delay— great promptness and energy in the convention is necessary at this time— I am ready to mortgage all my estate to raise funds—but we must have system and a regular army and a Genl of high military standing

S. F. Austin

getting [out of] paper and wafers My health is bad.

S. F. A.