Stephen F Austin to President of the Consultation, 11-04-1835

Summary: Repeating request for reinforcements. Success of present force great in face of handicaps. Need discipline, and experienced commander

Head Quarters 1 1/2 miles above Bexar Nov 4. 1835

To the President of the Consultation of Texas

heard by Mr Mosley Baker that the opinion is prevalent among the people in that part of the country that no more reinforcements are necessary and that Bexar will be taken before reinforcements can reach here— On this subject I have to assure you I am decidedly of opinion that without very strong reenforcements Bexar can not be taken nor with them without battering Cannon and from one to two hundred round shots for battering down walls—

The enemy has sixteen Cannon mounted of various calibre up to 18 pounds—from 6 to 8 more that will be mounted in a few days— They have plenty of provisions and about 700 men

In the last few days more than 150 men have left this camp to return home for winter clothing and other purposes, so that the effective force is only about 450 men after deducting the sick— This force, it is known to all, is but undisciplined militia and income respects of very discordant materials— The officers from the Commander in chief down are inexperienced in military service— With such a force Bexar can not be effectually invested— All that can be, has been done— The enemy have been beaten and driven within their walls, with loss in every instance where they have made sorties— At the Concepcion they were defeated by Colo. Bowie and Captn. Fanning, with the loss of 1 Cannon and 70 men killed wounded and missing Our army has so far done wonders— It has confined a superior force within strongly fortified walls— It has beaten the enemy in every contest and not a day passes without skirmishing within the reach of the enemys grape shot.— It has struggled against all manner of privations and sufferings, against want of discipline, dessertion, disention, and what is worse than all against what has been considered coldness and tardiness in sending out reinforcements.—

I repeat Bexar can not be taken without 1000 men at the very least and the battering cannon of which I have spoken [The men now here?] can I think be kept here till reenforcements arrive— Those who have left have all promised to return. It is to be hoped they will have sufficient patriotism to do so.

I have authorized and do authorize the Convention to mortgage all my estate if necessary for the public service

I have dispatched the Adjutant Genl Warren D C Hall and my Aid de camp Col°. P. W. Grayson for the purpose of bringing out reenforcements— Stopping the false and silly rumors that they are unnecessary and bringing in the large Cannon with round shot and men to work them I have further to inform you that there is no medicine in camp—and so far as I am informed, none on the way— There are no surgical instruments nor bandages, nor materials for making lint, nor anything else to provide for the sick and wounded.— I hope they will be sent immediately —as also that additional physicians will come out with the reenforcements.

I have the satisfaction to inclose you a Detailed report of the Capts. of the engagements of the 28th-— The action so brilliant in its results proves our great superiority to the enemy when they come out from behind their walls— I last night received dispatches informing me of the gallant Army of patriots who have volunteered and are volunteering from Orleans— I have ordered the Capt [at] Goliad to march here— This news is cheering and has [raisd the spirits] of the army very much—

I have to request that no whysky be sent with supplies to the camp— Ink Paper and wafers are much wanted

S. F. Austin Chief

By order

WDC Hall Adjt and Inspt—Genl.