Stephen F Austin to James Fannin, 11-14-1835

Summary: Instructions.

Head Quarters Concepcion Nov. 14, 1835

Cap. J. W. Fannin

This will be delivered to you by D. Salvador Flores—the brother in law of Cap. Juan SeguinFlores and his company have engaged to go on as far as beyond the Nueces to examin whether any troops are on the road, they will also burn the whole country as far as they go— I wish you to get eight or ten volunteers to go with them

This service is important, and I have told the men of this party, that should they take public horses, they can appropriate two horses or mules apiece to their own use and property

If you have heard nothing of the reenforcement I wish you to return to camp

Burlesons division sent him and Wharton down yesterday with an unanimous request that the two divisions should be united at that place— The nature of this request and many circumstances renders it necessary to comply with it. This division will therefore march to the mill above town tomorrow—and you will return to that camp

Some reenforcements have arrived and they will now come on in great numbers— The sooner you can return the better, provided you find that nothing can be done there—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

The foraging party is out from Bexar on Leon every day—about 100 men— A strange misunderstanding prevented Eberlys company from joining you—

[Addressed:] Capt. J. W. Fannin Donde se halle where he may be found