Henry Austin to Stephen F Austin, 12-15-1835

Summary: Asking Austin to help him raise money in the United States

Brazoria 15. Decr/35

Gral S F Austin


I trouble you with a letter to Mr. N A Ware of Philada. on the subject of a loan of money—

Mr Andrew Hodges, one of the Presidents of a Bank in Orleans is Mr Wares agent in N Orleans

By a previous letter to Mr Ware to the Care of Mr W A Hodges I have made my proposition to Mr Ware at length to which I refer—

Should Mr Ware not be in N O Perhaps Mr Hodge would embrace the proposition, after explanations by you of the value of the property and the security of the instruments proposed to be given

I beg leave to say that I shall be satisfied with any arrangement you may make to effect the object I have in View which is to raise money enough to pay the expenses of my family and Protect me from the necessity of sacrificing my best property during the present Difficultys—

Should Mr Ware not be in N Orleans, and no one disposed to embrace the proposition, you will do me a kindness to take the letter with you and if you pass through philada- See Mr. Ware

In Case you should go to New York and no one should embrace the proposal in New Orleans. I will be much obliged by your seeing my friend (a Broker in Wall Street) George Shipman, Mr Jonathan Goodhue, Geo Griswold, and James Treat, Mexican Consul, and State to them my situation, That is that I have a large and Valuable estate which I must loose without the aid of Money to sustain my expenses during the revolutionary Struggle—

I have written to John upon the subject, my old friends in New York will remember me when told where I am and how situated

H. Austin [Rubric]

PS in the event of the money not being to be had at 20 prct I had rather give 25/00 for 10.000 for two years than not get it—and should 7 leagues not be deemed sufficient security I would add three leagues more

[Addressed:] Gral S F Austin Prsent—