Stephen F Austin to Thomas F McKinney, 12-16-1835

Summary: Popular attitude toward Mexican liberals too intolerant

Brazoria Decr. 16

The gray horse that Genl. Mexia rides down belongs to my brother in law Perry, I wish you to take charge of him and keep him at your house— I hear that the Schooner Wm Robins sails tomorrow—I shall be down by the middle of the day, and Perrys gray horse can be sent up with the one I ride down; if you can, have him taken over to your side of the river

I am in bad health for a winters journey—a bad cold has settled on my lungs and I have an annoying dry cough which is very severe—

The ideas advocated, and circulated through the country last summer when Zavala was at your house on his first landing, are extending rapidly amongst the people

Mexia's situation is very unpleasant—he has scarsely escaped insult, and I am told that I am denounced as a Mexican etc, merely for treating Viesca and Mexia and a few Mexicans with common politeness—

These things however are not carried to any thing like the extreme, that I fear they will be. I say, fear they will be, because some outrage upon justice and hospitality may be committed by our excited patriots, as they call themselves, that will do no credit to Texas

I have a draft on you from the provisional Govt, for $500. Is it good for any thing—I want some money for travelling expenses—How is Mexia to get his men on to Copano—He is in a good deal of trouble—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr Thomas F McKinny Quintana