Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 12-25-1835

Summary: Business instructions. Has confidence in S. M. Williams

Quintana Decr. 25. 1835

Mr James F. Perry

I have had a conversation, with McKinny about laying off a town at this place— There are a number of applicants for lots

I never realized any thing out of the lots at Brazoria and I do not wish that the same result should take place as to this place—others can make money in this way, and I see no just cause why I should not

After Williams returns, you and McKinny and he can consult on the subject, and lay out the lots here, have a handsome map made of them, and sell them to the best advantage without waiting for my return

I wish to retain some lots in a good situation for business, and some for building residences—the next block below McKinny and Williams's ware house are the best for the first object you will retain them for me and some high back lots for the second You will also want a place to build a retreat in the sickly season.

You can however arrange this matter amongst you, as may be deemed best for my interest and future convenience for I trust the matter to you as persons who will not neglect what is due to an absent friend

McKinny and Williams are to have the lots where their ware house is. I will settle this matter with them when I return You will of course lay out no lots nor make any disposition of the land above the creek, (west union) what is below will be sufficient for the present—

Williams is a good hand at arranging speculations of this kind to the best advantage— Great pains have been taken by my enemies and Williams to sow suspicion in my mind against him—all this is intrigue of the basest kind—pay no attention to such stuff—I have told you the same verbally and now repeat it in writing, and that my confidence in him is in no way affected by such efforts—I have written to him to transfer the eleven league tract of mine which is in his name to you or to me, or give some memorandum how that tract stands—it was selected by me on the east side of colorado at the foot of the Mountains, surveyed by Sam. P Browne All these matters should be settled or reduced to writing so as to be understood in case of death—My object now is to close all my unsettled affairs, pay all debts and try to fix myself so as to be comfortable and in a situation to make my friends so—a few days with Williams aid will enable you to understand how my affairs stand—but it must not be neglected and put off— attend to it at once and to the a/c with John Austin's estate as soon as Williams returns and have all these things finished and put to writing— If I have heretofore been too careless and negligent as to such things, I shall in future be on the opposite extreme and press the closing of all my unsettled business, I therefore request that you will loose no time at all after Williams return—attending to all these matters and closing them as fast as possible—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

To avoid all difficulty or misunderstanding in case of my death I will now say to you that I intend to make a present to McKinny and Williams of the lot where their ware house is, and should I never return you will consider this a full authority to make that disposition of it—I will also state that I consider myself bound individually to refund to them the money they advanced to Grayson and Jack to go to Mexico and also for my drafts on them—the same as to the money advanced by J. H. Bell and yourself or any other of my friends for my assistance when in prison and under prosecution in Mexico in the service of Texas

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr James F. Perry Peach Point