Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 01-18-1836

Summary: Necessary to declare independence. Loans effected

New Orleans Jan 18, 1836

Dr Brother,

All goes well in this part of the world in favor of Texas—That country is rising dayly. Public opinion however expects and calls for an absolute declaration of independence without any delay

Any serious divisions amongst the people there will ruin Texas in this country—I wish you all to unite on the basis of independence

My health is much improved—We have effected a loan for $200,000, but only get 20 per cent advance at this time—The balance is to be paid after the loan is ratified by the convention, which I hope it will be without delay— Texas will be ruined if it is not— It is to be repaid in money at 8 pr cent interest, or in land at fifty cents an acre— We shall probably close another loan today or tomorrow for 40,000 or 50,000 more also payable in land at same price, with an allowance for prompt payment, brokerage etc

There is no news from W. God knows what has become of him— you will recollect that he had no authority to pledge any of my property

Love to sister and the children— Shall try to be at home the first week in March— I sent the plan of a flag to Borden and Grayson which I think is historic—farewell

[S. F. Austin]

[Addressed:] Mr. James F. Perry Peach point near Brazoria