Stephen F Austin to J M Wolfe, 01-22-1836

Summary: Appointing him to negotiate loans for Texas

Know all men by these presents that the undersigned commissioners of Texas constitute and appoint, J. M. Wolfe of Texas an agent of said Government to negotiate and effect any loans at any price at the interest of eight per centum per annum to be redeemable in land at whatever price the Government of Texas may establish on or before the first of December next and to pledge the faith of Texas revenues for said loan and said Wolfe is authorized in our behalf to make agents at any place to receive whatever money may be given to us in trust of the United States of America and said agent shall be authorized to send any person or persons to Texas who may think proper to go and any act that said Wolfe may do as aforesaid conducive to the interest of said government in entering into obligation or otherwise we will ratify and confirm by these presents—in witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals this 22nd. Jany 1836 sum or sums of money to be borrowed are to be deposited by the lender in the bank of N Orleans to the Credit of the Government of Texas subject to their order

S. F. Austin LS

Commissioner of Texas