Stephen F Austin to Henry Austin, 02-14-1836

Summary: Great enthusiasm for independence of Texas

Nashville, Feb'y 14th. 1836

all goes on prosperously for Texas in this part of the world— I have never been in a place where I have met with more genuine hospitality and enthusiastic patriotism—

We can get all the aid we need to sustain our independence and I think it will not be difficult to procure the recognition of the U. S. Govt,— Nothing is wanted but union and concert of action and of purpose at home and an unqualified declaration of independence at once— That of 7th, Nov'r has been made an absolute declaration of independence, by the acts of the Mexicans by submitting to centralism and of the Govt, in invading us, and no act of that government for the sale or transfer of Texas, to any one, can be or ought to be, in any manner valid, or obligatory on the people of Texas -

- We all have the same great interest at stake, and the same objects—which are the total separation of Texas from Mexico, and our independence as a new republic, or annexation to the U. S. under proper guarantees— All we have to do is to keep this object in view and labor solely with an eye to its accomplishment, and to the public good and general happiness, regardless of personalities, or parties, or anything else-

- I had no idea before I left home of the deep and general interest that is felt for the cause of Texas, or of the influence which my opinions seem to have in this country—had I known it sooner, I should have been less cautions than I have been, about precipitating the people of Texas into a declaration of independence— The responsibility, however, would have been very great on me had I contributed to involve the settlers whom I had been instrumental in drawing to that country, before I was certain they would be sustained. I am now confident they will be fully and promptly sustained in their independence, and that the sooner such a declaration is made the better— Besides, the reasons for leaving open any door, however small, for a re-union with Mexico have ceased, for all parties have united against us—

S. F. A.