Stephen F Austin to John P Austin, 12-12-1836

Summary: Arranging certain payments


Columbia Decr— 12. 1836

John P. Austin

Dr. Cousin,

I wrote you last month informing you that Col. Barnard E. Bee was to pay you five hundred and fifty dollars on my a/c to pay the money you advanced to Mr. Dale— I presume there will be no disappointment as Bee is bound by Contract to pay the money— Write to him directed to Washington City and also to the care of General James Hamilton Charleston South Carolina.— All matters are going on very well here. The organization of the new Govt, is complete, and all works smoothly— No news of the Mexicans of late date.

Remember me to your family and all friends-

S. F. Austin


Washington Jany 21/ 37

Dr. Sir,

I forward you a letter from the late lamented Genl. Austin—My estimable friend tho of but recent acquaintance— Expecting to visit New York—I retained the letter till I saw you—, I promised I think—to pay you for Genl. Austin in all February $550—and presume I shall, be able to comply— The truth is he made me promise to pay him largely on the purchase in quick time—and I told him then I might have some difficulty— I gave him two thousand dollars which was all I had in Texas.

I shall very soon be in Charleston however and as soon as I can consult with Genl. Hamilton I will write to you.—

Barnard E. Bee.