Moses Austin to Unknown, 08-01-1791

Summary: Remarks on casting shot.



George the third by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith etc, etc., etc.

Doth by these his Royal Letters Patent Grant unto Josiah Watts of the City of Bristol—Manufactorer on Consideration of------— sum in hand well and truely paid unto his Majesties Collectors of the Revenues for Granting Patents to such ingenious Artists and discoverers of arts by their Invention in such Improvements as may now or hereafter be beneficial to these Realms for the special encouragement of Arts Sciences and Commerce— for the space of fourteen Years to hold to himself his Heirs and administrators Solely . . . By these his Magesties Royal Letters patent in full authority, his art of making Globe Shot; now patented to him and his heirs only for the space of Fourteen Years as Watts's patent Shot.

Method of Making Watts's Globe or Patent Shot Continued from his own specification perused and examin'd by Henry Miller of Philadelphia on the 12th- Day of February 1789 in the Petty Bagg office Roles of the Chancery of England. Chancery Lane

Take any quantity of pure pig Lead; and Melt down in Kettle first for the purpose as usual for Drop Shot

The quantity of aceripigmentum Viz Yellow Arsenic is one pound to 80lb of Lead but this differs something from the Ductility of the Mettal the Cornwall Lead requires Less than the Devonshire

The Height required in Casting is left very obscure, nothing more being Mention'd than about 40 feet woud be required for small size to upwards of 80 for the Largest Swan Shot.

Nor does said specimen explain anything Satisfactory respecting the formation of Tower more than it must be constructed high enough to perform the operation of Granulating the shot in its decent by the opposition of air it receives in its fall.

REMARKS. by Experience I have found a Much better Mode to introduce the arsnic and find the white much preferable to the Yellow from it[s] purity in strength. And that a material difference of the Height is required in the Climate of America in the Different Seasons of the Year.


After being prepared with a proper Building for your purpose if with a communication of a stream of water so much the better. Wherein must be a Capatious high Chimney, or more; large enough to contain 1 or 2 Furnaces or Melting pots a reverberating Temper furnace and Drying pans provide 2 Casting Tubs strongly Iron whoopd provided with two Brass Cocks one to supply Cold water and the other to Let of the Hot with a strainer near the Bottom.

shall add but little of the Construction of these utensils as they are better understood by an artist than Described more than the Kettles should not be less than 2 feet Diameter and not more than 1 foot Deep thick and Sound Made, the Casting Tubs not less than 2 feet 4 inches Diameter and not More than 2 feet 2 inches above Ground for the Ease of the Caster

The Temper Furnace remains a Secret to the Trade only and the Drying pans may be Constructed of any size in proportion to the works in the most convenient situation of the factory.