John Blanchard and George Lauman to Moses Austin, 03-16-1795

Summary: Land speculations.

Dr. Messrs John D Blanchard and George Lauman in A/Ct with Moses Austin

1795 Dolls cts

March 16 To 120,000 Acres of Land in Virginia as pr Contract of this Date six pence money of Pennsylvania pr Acre. 8, 000


1795 Dolls. Cts

March 16 By Cash receiv'd from you to purchase 50 Thousand Acres of Land Warrants @ 20 Drs________________________1,000

" By Geo Laumans Note for G00 Dollars____ 600

" By Jno D Blanchards receipt For 6,100 Dollars to the Credit of S Austin & Co____________________6,400

Dolls 8, 000


March 16th 1795

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