Moses Austin to Stephen Austin, 03-16-1795

Summary: Statement of account with Blanchard and Lauman.

Memorandum of Land Deliver'd John D Blanchard and Geo Lauman on acct of a Contract Made with them on March 16 1795

To My part of the survey in Grayson______________________________ 52.000

To A Survey in Wythe County of__________________________________ 22.000

To A Survey in do do______________________________________ 3.000

To a Survey in do do______________________________________ 2 930

To a do in do do______________________________________ 10 000

To do in do do______________________________________ 24.099

To do in do do______________________________________ 7 000


NB All the above Lands have been Deliverd to John D Blanchard and Geo Lauman in discharge of the Contract made with them in March 16./'95 which Contract Calls for 120 thousind Acres of Land so that he has recd nine Hundred and Ninety nine Acres of Land which is to be accountd for in an other Contract all the money I have ever recd from Blanchard and Lauman for the Land Business is accounted for in the above 120 thousand and the lands taken up for them in Grayson except the money paid me for the takeing up the last land these Lands I with hold as a security for a quantity of goods Put into the hands of John D Blanchard which he was to have rec'd from Geo Lauman and to pay over to Stephen Austin and Co when the Amount of said goods are accounted for I am then willing to Deliver up the Lands which may be Due them on said Contract and not before If any Dispute should arrise as to the Delivery of the above Land recose may be had to Mr. Jos Burr to prove the 52 thousand acres in Grayson and to the Land office in Richmond where all the other Survey in my name and in the name of John D Blanchard may be found all of which I have Convey to the Said John D and Geo Lauman by reference to the acct. filed with this statement It will be found how much money is now in my hand.

It will be found that this Acct. will exactly Tally with my Contract made with them in March 16. 1795 and the Balence of the money is now invested in a Survey of land to be returnd by James Newell of 43 thousend Acres of Land—Mr Blanchard has taken an oath that I am indebted to him $6514 52 which is the whole amount of all the money which has come into my hands on all the Land business that I have don for Blanchard and Lauman and to prove that he has taken an oath not founded in Truth t° Injur me and to hold me to Baile to prove this Business I wish Blanchard to be asked the following questions in Presence of some man that can witness the same has not all the money stated to have been recd. been accounted for Excep the money advanced on the Memorandum No 3 for the takeing up of Land for the Joint acct. of Blanchard Lauman and Stephen and M Austin, have not you recd. the 120 thousend acres sold you under Contract 16 March and are not you and Lauman accountable for the expence on the said 120 thousend acres is not all the money paid M Austin for lands Survy'd for your self and Geo Lauman included in the General acct furnish'd you and have you any demand except for the money on the last 100 thousend out of which you are to have 33 1/3 thousend Acres and Lauman 33 1/3 thousand acres when these Lands are returned have you any Clame on M Austin for any thing more and Is M Austin oblig'd to return the Land unless he hes money in his hands to pay the Expences.

[Endorsed:] Memorandum of Land Business with Blanchard and Lauman Deliver d Mr Stephen Austin

Dr John D Blanchard in a/c with Moses Austin

1795 To Sundry goods put into your hands which you have not Ac- counted for____________________________________________ 2020

To 43 thousend Acres Land warrents @ 20 Doll_______________ 860

To Expence of Surveying 43 thousend acres__________________ 112. 50

To Regester fee on 43 thousend______________________________ 89. 50


To Cash allow James Newell as stated in N° 3______________ 400



By Amount Cash paid me to take up 100 000 acres of Land____ $2888

Balence Due M A ________________________________ 594


[Endorsed:] Memorandum a/c furnished S. Austin