Thomas Ruston to Moses Austin, 05-11-1795

Summary: Virginia lands and lead mines. Stephen Austin operating in England, preparing to bring lead miners.

Philada. May 11th. 1795


I wrote you a few days ago by Mr Judd, a Gentleman of New England who is going to Virginia, and intends visiting the Lead Mines in order to take a view of that part of the country, if he should arrive there I shall be glad you will shew him any civility in your power.

I have since received a letter from Mr Stephen Austin, wherein he mentions that he was in treaty with a Gentleman for the disposal of a part of the lead Mines, who will be able to bring out two or three Hundred Men, bred to the Mining Business and is very desirous that I will send him accurate plans of the lands I have taken up in the neighbourhood of the Mines, as he thinks it will operate as a considrable inducement to the men to come out when they find that there is plenty of land for them to settle upon, near at hand, I mentioned in my letter by Mr Judd that I had not yet received the office Receipt for the 20,000 Acres which you was to return for me as soon as you got to the Mines, nor have I recd the annual acct. it will also be necessary for me to have the plots of the prior surveys in order to enable me to compleat the plan which I intend sending to Mr Stephen Austin, it is of great importance to forward these to him as speedily as possible in order that he may be able to make the proper use of them before he leaves England. He desires me to write to you on this subject, and to press the business forward in order that the patents may be obtained as speedily as possible.

Thos Huston

[Addressed:] Mr. Moses Austin Lead Mines Wythe County Virginia