John D. Blanchard to Moses Austin, 05-17-1795

Summary: Financial depression. Relations with Ruston. Stephen Austin's operations in England.

Philadelphia May 17th. 1795

Mr. Moses Austin.

Dr Sir Your favor of the 25th April I have just receiv'd, am happy you found the family well and all going right, it gives me pleasure also to hear that the surveys will soon be return'd. will thank you to hasten them as fast as possible, Mr. L and myself wish also to hear of your first locations for which we are ready to answer your drafts for more warrents, but tho land cannot be said to have fell in price here yet I believe there has not been a sale made since your departure, nor do I hear half the talk about them there was while you was here and from enquiring I find they are very flatt-and down tho' attribute it to the continued scarcity of money which prevents speculations in them Dr. Euston has frequently been with me to write you concerning the 20000 Acres of Land you are to take the patents in his Name for and for which he says I have garanteed. Have you put that business in train for him. He still remains a barrier in the way of any negotiation by Notes either for your House or my Firm and I am laying on his paper as indorser to the amount of 12,000 Dolls, protested in the different Banks which has stopped all my paper and all the remainder of the paper of Stephen Austin and Co—and when he will be able and willing to relieve me I know not. I can do no business for that Rascall. You must write me by the return of Post at what deduction I must take the goods from Lauman and West on my own a/c as I wish to appropriate it immeadiately; the goods sent to Shannen's Auction Store Neated the sum of £297.7.8 and the Amount sent to him was £453.19.4 difference £156.118 you see more than a third part is lost—you must know it is but right that some certain price should be affix'd and what rate I must take the goods on my own account, I want no advantage, but I am dunn'd very much and stand much in need of relief, Pray fix this matter for as to taking the goods by the package at £150 pr br. [?] advance price from the Sterling cost it will not do and he will not give them less—Inclosed you have a letter from your Brother you find I am to receive 960 £ Sterling in musical instruments I could wish I knew what to do with them when they arrive, he has sold 35,000 Acre of Land at 3/ Sterling, pr Acre, no doubt he writes you on the subject he has not yet sold the mines nor does he seem like to yet, but seems in good spirits and is determined, to do something great before he quits Mm Austin's family are well— I had a bill drawn on me by Thomas Norwall of Richmond which it was out of my power to pay and I thought he was not to draw bills on me therefore suppose it has been return'd I would have paid it nevertheless had I had money but it was otherwise—let me hear from you soon and believe me Yours sincerely


Remember Millers things to be for my account and dont forget the Hams—