Thomas Norvell to Moses Austin, 11-09-1795

Summary: Concerning slaves which Austin wishes to purchase. Connections with Blanchard and Lauman.

Richmond November, 9th. 95

Mr. Moses Austin

Dear Sir

I am favord with yours of the 25th Ulto and had sufficiently ( I hope) explaind every thing that was necessary, that is to say with respect to Harrys stay here, as also to that of the negroes. Mr. Randolph (who I twice went to see) would not sell his negroes without his land, he mentiond to me that he had once offerd, you a bargain and wish you to have purchased but Says now he has declind selling without he could sell his Lands also I have been endeavoring to purchase two or three of Saml McCraw, for you, but there appears to be little dependance in what he says. I have not yet brought suit vs him because he has given me the fairest promises that ever a man did however I shall not confide in him any longer altho I think it will be as well for you to let him keep her as he does and make him pay her hire every year, without her being at any risk of yours, than to receive her. It is pretty interest on a mans money without the smallest risk, however Sir I shall use my exertions to get her as soon as possible agreable to your instructions etc.

This will be handed you by Mr. Joseph Burr who arrived here two days since on business for John D Blanchard and George Lauman and himself I suppose, he is a man I have a good oppinion of and would very fondly oblige him but I could not comply with his requests, which was to let the 150,000 Acres survey be return into the Land office he was extreemly anxious indeed but I could not oblige him. he says it is for his own Sake, being interested, now I do actually believe him to be a much better man than Blanchard and think him a man of honor, but you very well know my reason for not returning the survey. I conceive that some damages are to be paid for the bills being protested which is by law 15 pr Cent but something less I suppose will do; and at any rate I shall expect a commission from Blanchard and Lauman of 5 pr Cent for my attention etc which I hope you have no objection to, and also hope that you will endeavor to secure that much for me, in receiving your Money from Mr. Burr, before you instruct me to let the survey be enter4, this I conceive to be just. Mr. Burr himself acknowledges that I ought to have it in fact I have it in my power to make them pay more etc. I only wish justice to take place, you will without doubt have all the business settled, to your satisfaction, before you instruct me to enter or return the survey to the Land office. I shall expect you to give me full instructions how to proceed Shott is in great demand and I really want money for Sundry purposes for the benefit of the company. Shffs Demands are the principal

Thom Norvell

My respects to Mrs Austen