Moses Austin and George Lauman to Unknown, 11-28-1795

Summary: Statement of account.

Dr Mr George Lauman Accot. Currt in Barter with Moses Austin.


March 16 To 3. Notes of Hand on Robert Morris and John Nicholson Amounting in all to $7363 50/100____________2761 6 3

To balance due George Lauman______________________ 171 11 7|

£2932 17 10 1/2



March 20 By Sundry Goods as pr Invoice______________________ 171 10 3

24 By Ditto_____d°________d°__________________________ 453 19 4

July 23 By Ditto_____dn deliv'd John D. Blanchard- ___ 1654 15 9

Novmr 28 By Ditto_____d° deliv'd Ditto______________ 632 12 6 1/2

£2032 17 10 1/2

It is to be observed that agreeable to the above statement a balance is due George Lauman which balance he supposes he has a claim on us as taken up by our agent which I admit. But if a Six Months Credit is allowed on this balance it will be found not to be due untill the 28 May so that it cannot operate against any demand I have on the Land business. It ought also to be remember'd that my Drafts was protested in October and that at that time George Lauman was in my Debt £481 „ 11 as the last of the above goods say £652.12.6 1/2 was not deliver'd untill November the 28th Nor was Mr Lauman under any obligation to deliver any More goods than the Sum due me nor did I wish him to do so. I cannot see why Mr Lauman may not as well demand a Credit for the £453.19.4 as for £171.10.3 as that amount of goods was taken up by myself four days after the £171.10.3 neither of which I conceive have any thing to do with the land contract, Nor can my being in debt to George Lauman or Lauman and West be consider'd as a violation of my Contract with Blanchard and Lauman for Lands. I also wish to remind the Gentlemen who are to give an opinion on this business that Mr Lauman has agreed to make a discount on the above goods of One Hundred Pounds on account of their being overcharge. Which discount I agreed should be settle'd with Mr Blanchard before I understood how the balance of this account was to be applied, but when it is considered that the Hundred pound ought to be taken off from the amount Charged me a small balance will be found due G Lauman so that justice cannot demand that Mr Lauman should claim a Credit on account of the Land business nor do I think in Justice I am bound to settle with Mr Lauman for any balance that may be found due on this Exchange of property it not being agreeable to my Orders, Bequest or intention that Mr Blanchard should receive any more than the balance due me from Mr Lauman.

[Endorsed:] Mr George Lauman Account Current.