Moses Austin, Thomas Norvell, and Parsons Bates to Unknown, 04-20-1796

Summary: Moses Austin, Parsons Bates, and Thomas Norvell. Button factory at Richmond.

Partnership Agreement

Memorandum of an agreement made and enterd into this 20th. day of april 1796 Between Moses Austin on the one part and Thomas Norvell and Parsons Bates of the other Witnesseth That the said Austin and the said Norvell and Bates doth covenant and agree each with the other to establish a button manufactory in the city of Richmond which shall be under the firm [name] of Parsons Bates and Company to continue for the term of one year from the date hereof under the management of the said Norvell and Bates as follows the said Bates shall attend to the workmanship in said factory with the strictest attention for the benefit of said company and the said Norvell shall attend to the out business with the strictest attention for the interest of said company and shall open a sett of books and keep such account as shall appear necessary for the advantage of the company and all expences arising necessarily for the advantage of the business shall be equally devided and paid by each and at the experation of the year the books shall be settled up, and the profits or losses shall be equally shared after paying the said Austin out of the joint stock such advances as he shall make in furnishing and keeping the business supplyd with the necessary stock. The said Austin doth agree on his part to furnish the company with as much stock as shall be necessary to put the said business in motion and keep it supplyd untill it shall be enabled to make such advances as may be necessary for the carrying on said business to advantage the said Austin doth also agree to furnish a store house free from any expence to the company for the purpose of Carrying on said business

Thomas Norvell. [seal]

Parsons Bates [seal]

Moses Austin [Rubric] [seal]