William Shreve to Moses Austin, 06-15-1797

Summary: Found no indication of iron in his exploration at Ste. Genevieve, so that contract of February 2 is void.

Frederick Town 15th. June 97.

Dr. Sir,

I expect you have heard from Mr. Jones of Kaskaskea by Mr. Pascall a French Gentm from St. Geneveve destenated for Philadelphia, Agreeable to what last pased between us respectg the Louisiany Country, I went and Exploared, untill no probability of meeting of Success in that which was the object of my Journey to that Country, Returning without seeing any thing that I conceived would by any means Just [if] y an undertakeing of the kind,—I met with every incouragement from the People that was within the Scope of their power, but not of Situation or Mineral,—I agreed provided there should be such a Situation Discovered that would Justify as before, That a Memorial might be laid in for me, and provided it Came forward in time, That I then would come forward as before proposed— But time Runs so long with out hearing anything from that quarter, and the Very great uncertainty of such a Discovery that I shall be oblidged to make Other Arangement, I nevertheless should be glad to hold an Interest with You in the Lead business, Provided I can do it on agreeable an[d] Equaleable Turms, But should it not meet Your Interest or inclenation, for me to hold any part of the Lead, without pursuing the Iron Business, I shall decline any thing of that kind, for the reasons before stated, I should be glad to hear from You,

Wm. Shreve [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Moses Austin Esqr. or Stephen Austin Mercht.


[Endorsed:] June 1797 William Shreve this letter is in Answer to a Conditional contract made with said Shreve in consequence of which the business contemplated under said contract was relinquishd

M Austin