Stephen Austin to James Austin, 06-29-1797

Summary: Management of lead mines.

Philada 29th June 1797

Mr James Austin

Sir being informd by my Brother that he has appointed you Superintendant of our Bussiness at Austin Ville— I have now to request your Perticular attention to, Sundry Matters of Bussiness Viz—the State of the Companys finances here are Such as demand the greatest Exertion on your Part by Every Possible Means to Raise Money for the Purpose of forwarding on to me to Discharge Several Most Pressing Demand for Cash, the Extreem Disepointment in My Brother Not b[r]inging on 4 or five thousand Dollars is Such to me that I know Not what to do— the 1500 from Mr Mourey I have ben daly Expecting what Can be the Cause of this detention—as Mr Bradley was Sent on to Expedite this Bussiness— However from your Letter to My Brother by Mr Droap [ ?] I dere Say No time will be Lost in your forwarding it when it Comes to hand-— I wish your Exertion in the Selling of Lead to Raise Money and to Induce Purchasers to Come forward take of [f] the 40/1 pr ton which my brother had requested you to put on and if you think 20/ pr Ton will be an Inducement do it as the Lead must if Possible be Turnd into Cash as fast as it is Smelted and to do this I had rather sacrifice 40/ pr Ton—this I shall submit to your discretion My Brother and My Self have Concluded to Sell 10 of the Mules if you Can get 80 Dollars for them—they ought to bring 100 Dollar Each which obtain if you Can the Plantation which my Brother has advertiz for Sale I hope you May meet with purchasers for in Part if Not all— I have Met with a young Man a Hatter who is a good workman and a steady Man who I have engagd to Carry on the Bussiness, at the Mines he will Come on with my Brothers family who will Leave Town in a day or Two—you will therefore Not dispose of any of the Platters Tools Utentials etc as M A say he left you orders to Sell them— the washing and smelting Let be Pushed On as much as Possible and the quantity of ore Raisd I expect will be sufficient to Keep the Furnace Constantly in Blast if you can but Keep ahead with the washing—which is always the Most Tedious Part of the Bussiness— I will thank you to Make me Constantly Acquainted with all your Proceedings at the Mines by Post as Rude Conveyances are very Uncertain—

My Son Charles leave this in a few days by Land for the Mines by him I shall write you again Please Present My respects to the Mr Bates Kendall Bell etc and Accept the Same your Self

S Austin

[Addressed:] Mr James Austin Austin Ville Lead Mines Wythe County Virginia