Stephen Austin to James Austin, 12-24-1798

Summary: Introducing Daniel Hall and Harry Elliot.

Philada 24th Decr 1798

Mr James Austin

Dear Sir the Bearer is Mr Daniel Hall the young Man who I have before informd you of who I have engaged as a Blacksmith for Twelve Months—I believe you will find him a Very Steady Man and all the Blacksmith work that is wanted our Selves will be the first object then Let him do all other Work that offers from others that will pay he Can do—he is a good Edge Tool Maker Axes in Particular therefore he can always be Imployd at that when nothing els offers—and as old Jn° is such a Thief I would have you put him to Work at the Mill and Never Let him Come in the Smith Shop at all and I think best to put young Ambrose in if he will promise to Attend to Learn the Trade—and Mr Hall in his articles has Engaged to Learn a Man—

the other young Man is My Nephew Harry Elliot who I have took to bring up untill he is 21 year old he wants Much Improvement and I will thank you to keep him at Writing a[t] Night and at Cyphering—he will be usefull to you and is to attend to all the Bussiness going—will thank your attention to him—and to Live with you and Mr Hall at the Tavern I have gave Mr Hall Forty Dollar to bear his and Harry Expence which I expect will be More than they will Spend and when they Give you the Account of their Expences Mr Hall will give you the Ballance—of which Please Inform me—I shall as soon as Possible Send you some Money but as Charles has not got any Shot here to Raise Money I am very much in Want we are all Well and the family Joins in best Respects to Mrs A and Self Mr Sanders and others

S Austin.

[Addressed] Mr James Austin Austin Ville Lead Mines Card by Mr Hall