Antoine Soulard to Moses Austin, 10-19-1800

Summary: Concerning survey and title.

St Louis 19th October 1800


That I might Deliver to you your Certificate of Survey you have one Step more to take which is this as the Lieut Governor has told the Commandant of Ste. Genevieve that it was necessary that the people who have any Interest in Breton's mines Should prove in writing that your Concession in the way that it was previously Survey'd was irreparably hurtful to them and as no sort of representation has been made on that head and as it is probable that the mode is over It is necessary that you Should address yourself to the Lieut Governor by Drawing a petition by which you will tell him that you have Claim'd from me your Certificate of Survey and that I having answered to you that it was out of my power to Deliver it to you without a new written order from the Lieut Governor you require of him to give me Such order that having my Certificate you might have recourse to a lawful authority to Get a formal title of Concession

as Since the Lt Governor's Letter to Mr. Franls Vallé no representation has been made against the Survey of your Land I have not the least Doubt but your petition Will be Granted and [if in] Virtue of your reclamation Such order Shall be Given to me Immediately I will make up and Send down to you your Certificate of Survey after which you may act

I expect that in the Course of this month you will make up your promise toward me Mr. Pascal has nothing to Do but to receive present if you please my humble respects to Mrs. Austin and believe me

Antn Soulard