Charles Austin to Moses Austin, 12-08-1800

Summary: Value of property at lead mines.

Austin Ville December 8. 1800.

Dear Uncle

I received your favors not long since and am very Sorry to hear of the Difficulties you have met with in the progress of your bussi- ness but hope you will yet be well repaid for all your trouble, I should have wrote you long since but as I supposed from the frequent communications from my father and Mr. Jas Austin you were informed of our proceedings generally in this Country. Your objections as to the Sale of some of the property sold me by my father, I am sorry to hear of as I rested perfectly satisfied as to my right of all the Property and Still shall as I am certain you must be much deceived as to the Value of the Property, by a letter from my father I am informed that you write by the appraisement of myself and Jas Austin the Property at the Lead Mines Amounts to 25,000 Dollars, as to myself I think I can with certainty say I never made such a Statement nor had such an Idea, if Mr. James Austin did so I think you must have misunderstood each other very much Indeed, I rely much on his judgment and integrity and as he has wrote his wife he intends going to your Country from Kentucky you will verbally receive more accurate information from him I should long before this have had all the Property Valued but on my own account rested easy, but for the better adjustment of Accounts between yourself and my father I shall in a few days have all the Property valued by Mr. James McGarock, Senr, Mr. Hugh McGarock, Mr. Joseph Kent and Capt. James Newell four persons in whom I place much confidence and who I think will do justice to both parties. I shall State to them (by the direction of S. Austin) that the Property is to be valued at cash which he (S. A.) says ought to have been sold to discharge your assumset to him some time since, I have hereunto annexed a Statement of the most I think the Property would bring in the common way of Trade in this Country which can be compared with the balance due S. Austin and Co. of Philada by Mosses Austin and Co. and S & M Austin of Virginia which I think will not be more than adequate to the sum due. Since the adjustment of your accounts in Philada with my father (with the interest which he may or may not be intitled to) he has paid a very considerable debt and advanced some money for this place. Should I have erred in any Statement I have made above or any opinion I have advanced, in the manner in which they are made, I beg to be corrected, my wish and most ernest desire is that no difference or litigation should take place in any bussiness I may have that has any relation to yourself.

Since the 18 of June last on my Lease for one Year of the Lead Mines, I have been pursuing the Bussiness with as much Prudence, caution and care as my moderate abillities has enabled me and fear at the close of the year I shall barely be able to pay all expenses, I have not raised any ore of consequence for many months, but the prospect holding good has prevented my abandoning some time back but since I have built a Slag Hourth which I erected at the Grist Mills notwithstanding the quantity of water does not answer my expectations we work nearly one half of the time. I shall hold on untile the expiration of my year and shall then remain the ballance of the summer to adjust my accounts when with what little I may have after my four Years labour I shall seek some employment near my friends, my plantation (B. Bottom) I shall leave in the care of some trusty person with several hands and shall return to this Country as my fathers and my own interest may require.

In the Statement which follows I have not included for 2 Small Pieces of Land or B. Bottom nor the Tolls or Debts due the place which will not discharge the debts due from it in this Country.

Remember me to Aunt and the Children and all friends with you.

With respect.

Your Nephew

Charles Austin.

Mrs J. Austin Sends her love to you all, herself and Son are in Good health and a fair prospect of increase in our family.

C. A.

Prince Patty Nelly Jerry and 2 children________________________ £350

James Kesiah and 5 children-_________________________________ 350

Ambrose Mary and 3 Sons____________________________________ 380

David, Alex Frank Joe Tom and Wat___________________________ 500

Gowin and Peter____________________________________________ 150

Bohannon and Forbus plantation_______________________________ 470

House and Lot in Lynehburgh_________________________________ 450

7 Mules_______________________________________________________ 108


4 Mules I sold a year ago but a very small part of the money is received and I fear the balance will not be had soon, as a suit must take place, such is the precarious, Situation of the Sale of property.

The above Statements I have shewn to persons who know the property who think I have exceeded what it will bring.

[Addressed] Mr. Moses Austin at the Lead Mines on the Spanish Side of the Mississipi, Kaskaskia.