Charles Austin to Moses Austin, 01-10-1801

Summary: Concerning property in Virginia.

Austinville Jany 10 1801

Dear Uncle,

I wrote you a few posts since in answer to your letter Since which I have got those Gentn. to Value the property Sold to me a copy of Which I herein inclose you Mrs. Austin and Moses are well and beg to be rememberd to her Sister and friends, please present my best respects to all friends Yours with respect

Charles Austin [Rubric]

James has not yet return'd but is daly expected C. A.


Capt James Newell Mr Hugh McGarock and Mr Joseph Kent


The following Property I beg leave to request you will after examination Value at the prices which you think the Same would have brought 6 Months Since or at the Present time in Cash and will oblige

Yours etc

Chas Austin [Rubric]

B Bottom said to contain 500 Acres_________________________ 1833.33

Bohannon and Forbis Plantation d°__________________________ 1166.66 - 3000 and the following Negroes

Prince_______________________________________________ 100

Patty________________________________________________ 000

Nelly and 2 children_________________________________ 400

Jerry________________________________________________ 300

Gowin________________________________________________ 000

Peter _______________________________________________ 333. 33

Ambrosse Senr_______________________________________ 220

Alary________________________________________________ 100

Ambrose Jun__________________________________________ 400

Ceasar_______________________________________________ 333.33

David Jun____________________________________________ 250 2436.66

James_______________________________________________________ 300

Kesiah and 5 children_______________________________________ 666.66

David Senr__________________________________________________ 333.33

Alexander___________________________________________________ 200

Joseph______________________________________________________ 230

Thomas______________________________________________________ 200

Walter______________________________________________________ 150

Frank_______________________________________________________ 180

7 Mules_____________________________________________________ 460

$8,156. 66

Lynchburgh place not Valued

agreeably to the above request we have Valued the Property accordingly.

Hugh McGarook

James Newell

Joseph Kent

[Address:] Mr. Moses Austin Mercht. on the Spanish Side of the Mississippi Kaskaskia Mail

Jas Austin free

the Post Master at Kaskaskia will please forward this by the earliest conveyance and will oblige

[Endorsed:] Memorandum of Charles Austin acct M A and Co property